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Houston has a very unpredictable climate, and you could be left in the dark in less than a moment’s notice. Protect yourself, your family, your property, and your business by installing a backup generator. Our West Houston electricians can get one up and running for you.

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Protect Your Home with a Backup Generator

Severe weather, power outages, and electrical grid failures can leave your home vulnerable and without power. Installing a backup generator can provide peace of mind and protect your home from the inconvenience and potential dangers of being without power.

Benefits of installing a backup generator include:

  • Continuous power supply during outages
  • Protection for essential appliances and electronics
  • Prevention of food spoilage in refrigerators and freezers
  • Security and safety for your family and home

Our team at West Houston Electric, Inc. can assess your home's power needs and recommend the best backup generator solution to keep your home running smoothly during unexpected power interruptions.

Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator in Katy, TX

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: Katy is susceptible to severe weather events, including storms and hurricanes, which can lead to power outages. A backup generator ensures that your home retains power during such disruptions, allowing you to continue essential activities, stay connected, and keep your appliances running.
  • Prevent Food Spoilage: Power outages can lead to food spoilage in your refrigerator and freezer. A backup generator keeps these appliances running, preventing the loss of perishable items and saving you money.
  • Protect Electronics and Devices: Sudden power fluctuations or outages can damage sensitive electronic devices like computers, TVs, and home entertainment systems. A backup generator provides stable power, safeguarding your electronics from potential harm.
  • Maintain Business Operations: If you work from home or run a home-based business, a backup generator is essential to prevent disruptions to your operations. It allows you to continue working, stay productive, and avoid financial losses.
  • Increase Property Value: A backup generator is a valuable addition to your home, potentially increasing its resale value. Prospective buyers are often attracted to properties equipped with reliable backup power solutions.

In a region prone to power disturbances, a backup generator in Katy, TX, provides not only convenience but also security and resilience to effectively navigate unforeseen situations.

What Are The Signs You Need Generator Replacement?

  1. You're not getting the amount of power you need - If you find that you often don't have all the power your residence needs, then you can't really fix that problem. You need a generator with a greater electric capacity and should consult our Houston generator installation experts about a new unit.
  2. Fluctuations in the amount of power you get - If your generator is on its last legs you might see flickering lights or other instances of power volatility that indicates you may need new generator installation.
  3. It takes a while to start - If you find that your generator is starting slow or failing the first time and needing to restart often then call in our Houston generator installation experts.
  4. Repair after repair - If you're finding that your generator needs repairs time and time again, it might be cheaper to replace the unit outright because the new unit won't need as many repairs and replacement is on the horizon.
  5. Your generator is old and used frequently - Exactly how long a generator lasts depends on use, environment and maintenance levels. Usually they can provide power for 10,000-30,000 hours so if you only use it a couple of times per year it can last a while, but if you use it all the time make sure it's properly maintained.

How Does A Backup Generator Work?

Backup generators work by automatically or manually supplying electrical power during an outage. 

They are typically installed as a secondary source of power and are designed to kick in when the primary power source (usually the utility grid) fails. 

Here's how backup generators work:

Detection of Power Outage: Backup generators are equipped with sensors that monitor the status of the incoming electrical power supply. When these sensors detect an interruption in the grid power, they send a signal to the generator to start.

Generator Starting Mechanism:

  • Automatic Start: In the case of standby generators, which are permanently installed and connected to your electrical system, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) plays a crucial role. The ATS senses the loss of grid power and triggers the backup generator to start automatically. This is important for maintaining continuous power without any manual intervention.
  • Manual Start: Some backup generators, particularly portable ones, require manual starting. In this case, you need to start the generator and connect it to your home or business's electrical system manually when the power goes out.

Power Generation: Once the generator starts, it begins generating electricity. Backup generators can be powered by various fuels, including natural gas, propane, diesel, or gasoline. They contain an engine that drives an alternator to produce electrical power.

Transfer of Electrical Load: In an automatic backup generator system, the ATS disconnects your home or business from the grid to prevent backfeeding and electrical hazards. It then connects the generator to your electrical system. This process is seamless and happens quickly, ensuring a continuous power supply to your property.

Supplying Electrical Power: The backup generator continues to generate electricity, which is distributed to your home or business through the existing electrical wiring. It powers essential circuits or the entire property, depending on the generator's capacity and your preferences.

Monitoring and Control: Most modern backup generators come with monitoring and control systems that allow you to monitor the generator's status, fuel levels, and other essential information. Some systems can be remotely controlled and monitored through smartphone apps or web interfaces.

Automatic Shutdown: When grid power is restored, the ATS detects its return and safely switches your property back to the grid power source. The backup generator will then automatically shut down to conserve fuel and reduce maintenance.

Backup generators provide a reliable and convenient solution to maintain power during outages, ensuring that essential appliances and systems can continue to operate, such as lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and medical equipment. 

The specific operation of the backup generator may vary depending on its type and model. We can help you to determine what options are best for you.

How Much Power Will a Backup Generator Produce?

A backup generator is a smart investment to keep your family, home or business safe. They also come in different capacities to suit the size of your home or business.

The different sizes of backup generators are:

  • 5,000 to 8,500 watts to power the bare necessities such as refrigerators, a heating system, lights, and a sump pump
  • 10,000 to 15,000 watts which can also power electric ranges, central air, washers, dryers, and water heaters
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Backup Generator Maintenance

Backup generators need care just like the motor in your car. If you have run your generator for more than 48 hours, you should give your West Houston electrical services a call to come out and service it for you.

Choose Us for Backup Generator Installation

Just because there is a storm blowing, don’t go without power! Have West Houston Electric install a backup generator in your home so you will never be in the dark. Our electricians are experienced, bonded, licensed, and insured. We also offer a Workmanship Guarantee on all labor.

Power outages can be so unpredictable. Rest assured knowing that your family and property are safe. Call our team at (832) 925-4669 for an estimate on a home generator in Houston today!

Commonly Asked Questions

How often should a backup generator be serviced?

Backup generators should be serviced at least once a year, preferably before the start of hurricane season. Regular maintenance ensures that the generator is in optimal condition and ready to operate when needed.

What are the common causes of generator failure?

Common causes of generator failure include lack of maintenance, fuel issues, battery failure, and electrical component malfunctions. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help prevent these issues.

Can I install a backup generator myself?

It is highly recommended to have a professional electrician install a backup generator. Proper installation is crucial to ensure the generator functions safely and effectively, and to comply with local building codes and regulations.

What should I do if my backup generator fails to start during a power outage?

If your backup generator fails to start during a power outage, first check the fuel level and battery. If these are not the issue, contact a qualified electrician for inspection and repairs.

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